What is your "Why?"

This week, we encourage you to find your "Why," Meaning, what is your intention behind all of your actions?

From our simple daily tasks to the extraordinary things we do for others, why do you feel compelled to do the things that you do?

Many times, we walk through the world on autopilot. We do not think of our intentions behind our actions. From the foods we consume to the way we speak to those closest to us, each decision is an important one. It is crucial to work on being mindful and present so we can be more conscious of our "Why" throughout the day. 

It is especially important to be intentional about our acts of giving. In our times, acts of kindness can be used almost as a marketing technique for ourselves. From individuals to large organizations, outreach is seen as a component of business and lifestyle. As the image above portrays, acts of kindness should be done from your heart, not with the expectation of anything in return. Your "Why" is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than your actions themselves. 

Stoicism an Operation for Thriving in High Stress Environments.

Tim Ferriss has suffered through over 50 bipolar episodes in his lifetime. Through facing his struggles, he has a helpful formula for us all.

Tim encourages us to face our struggles head-on through a process that has helped him. By defining, preventing and repairing our issues, we can go on to lead healthy lives. This isn't about perfection, it is about reality. Taking a look at our deepest inner challenges can lead us to the most growth.

It is not the simple choices that lead to spectacular lives, but the challenging questions that only we can answer.

You Won't Remember the "Stuff." You'll Remember the Experiences.

It is a dream of the THRIVE team to go on the Oprah Cruise and we have it on our bucket list. What is on your bucket list? Do you have one? If you don't it is time to start one! There is even an app for that, BucketListly, is one of many!

While you may be tempted to put down a new house, high end car and many objects you would love to own on your bucket list, we encourage you to take it a step further.

What experiences would you like to enjoy during your lifetime? Is it hiking the Grand Canyon? A grand trip backpacking across Europe? Or camping cross country with your family? If you live in a hot climate, is it as simple as seeing a snowfall? Experiences don't have to be grand and they are never out of reach. They don't have to all be travel related, just write down what experiences would be incredibly meaningful to you. Seeing your child's first steps can be more rewarding than any object you could ever possess. 

Your memories are what you will hold onto long into your later years, we encourage you to make them incredible! What is on your partner or parents or loved ones bucket list? How can you make the experiences they desire a reality?