What is your "Why?"

This week, we encourage you to find your "Why," Meaning, what is your intention behind all of your actions?

From our simple daily tasks to the extraordinary things we do for others, why do you feel compelled to do the things that you do?

Many times, we walk through the world on autopilot. We do not think of our intentions behind our actions. From the foods we consume to the way we speak to those closest to us, each decision is an important one. It is crucial to work on being mindful and present so we can be more conscious of our "Why" throughout the day. 

It is especially important to be intentional about our acts of giving. In our times, acts of kindness can be used almost as a marketing technique for ourselves. From individuals to large organizations, outreach is seen as a component of business and lifestyle. As the image above portrays, acts of kindness should be done from your heart, not with the expectation of anything in return. Your "Why" is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than your actions themselves.