Meet Jeff Taylor

Founder of THRIVE


World Traveler, Mentor, Coach, Public Speaker, Salon Manager, Master Colorist, and more-

Jeff Taylor is all of these things but most of all, he wants to be your friend. 

With a humble beginning and lots of ambition, Jeff Taylor joined the beauty industry in 2002 and has not looked back! His passion and dedication to color perfection have lead him to share with the world the importance of pursuing what you love and having fun! 

Jeff manages a staff of seventy beauty professionals in Cleveland, with his knowledge, professionalism, and positive energy, he is living proof that having pie in the sky dreams really do pay off.  

London, Australia and New York City are just a sampling of the places Jeff has brought THRIVE. His love for traveling, engaging in new cultures, and witnessing new trends have allowed him to diversify his ability to teach individuals to dream big! 

What is THRIVE?